Recruitment Climate

Cyprus relied heavily on international companies setting up offices due to favourable business climate. English speaking, good tax conditions, easy lifestyle, low crime rate, family friendly, geographic location between Europe, Middle East & North Africa. Cheaper workforce and Cyprus follows British legal system.

After recession in Cyprus, unemployment rose. Did see a decline in foreign companies setting up companies in Cyprus.

Things improving now and there has been a steady increase in new company registrations. . .

In demand positions

Local and international companies hiring again. We see accounting firms, corporate service providers, IT companies, Forex and Binary. Also, Cyprus is EU country so citizens from EU and Cyprus able to work. Lots of Russian companies so Russian speakers often in demand.

Recruitment Process

Traditionally companies place adverts in newspapers and also online job boards. Recruitment was seen a luxury in the past but this is changing because companies do not have the time to focus on recruitment. They are busy with their core work and recruitment is a job unto itself. Recruitment agencies have grown in past years. 10 years ago there were 3 on the island, now close to 15 registered companies exist. Most only work local positions where WorkForce hires people for locally based companies but we also send candidates abroad as we work with companies in other countries.

What makes us different/ advantages of using WorkForce

We work with companies based in Cyprus and are able to source local candidates. 10 years in the business, we have a large database of candidates. We also have many clients abroad so send local candidates abroad. We also have global candidates. With many databases and access to a vast pool of professionals looking for new opportunities we are able to source these candidates, fill roles quickly which reduces time and cost to company. We advertise on behalf of client and because we understand where candidates look for jobs, we know where to advertise and because we have been active for a decade our network is large. We screen the candidates and only send suitable people. This streamlines the process and saves time for the client. We also become brand ambassadors for our clients, promoting their company.