No matter what side of the desk you're sitting on, WorkForce Cyprus aims to ensure that both clients and candidates receive a professional experience through quality, consistency, and open communication. Our business is about growing our clients' businesses and shaping our candidates' careers. So whether you are looking to employ, be employed, need advice on career planning or HR practices, WorkForce will help you find the solutions.

About us

We love recruitment.  That is why with over two and a half decades of recruitment experience, we know that employing a suitable candidate is an integral part of your job and having the right people by your side gives you the power to move forward. Our strength lies in our ability to fully understand and empathize with the needs of both clients and candidates. We endeavor to fill the right jobs with the right people 100% of the time...and we stand by our results. Whether your needs are local or global, we can help you source the talent you need. A recruitment agency that combines an unmatched global perspective with detailed insight into local markets across all major industry sectors.

In it for the long term

Two decades of total immersion in the changing world of work has given us a deep understanding of the potential of people and expertise in unleashing that potential to drive businesses forward. When we apply that expertise to your specific business opportunities, success happens. When our partners succeed, we succeed, and we believe strong partnerships are critical to making this happen. We develop a keen understanding of your business, your specific goals, and your talent-related needs.  That's why we work only with clients that view us as partners and not just suppliers.  Our clients turn to us for help with not only fillings open positions, but in all areas of talent acquisition and talent management.

Our people

The company is owned and staffed by people who are passionate about recruitment. We have all worked in the recruitment field and have firsthand experience of the dynamics involved in the selection of skills and personalities within the workforce. With flexible staffing solutions, expert leadership and an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, WorkForce Cyprus has come to be known as one of the leading recruitment agencies in Cyprus.

The WorkForce Way™

With a broad portfolio of clients across industries, WorkForce Cyprus understands your business from a local perspective while offering the global reach, local insight and time savings you would expect from an international HR solution provider. With a wealth of experience and astute knowledge of the recruitment processes, it’s our mission to contribute to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by working together using a straightforward and well-coordinated approach. Our vast networks ensure that we connect you to high-quality candidates across all fields, including hard-to-reach passive professionals who are willing to make a move for the right opportunity. By maintaining a large pool of pre-qualified, pre-screened talent across industry and location, our recruitment methodology allows us to fill critical positions with the right candidates to ensure minimal turnover while maximizing productivity. 

Get to know us

Whether you are looking to recruit or be recruited, need advice on career planning or general information relating to work issues, WorkForce Cyprus will help you find the solutions. If you would like more information on our services, you can contact us and we will get back to you.