Talent management is important; not simply a task high enough on the list of priorities for the CEO to discuss and leave HR to deal with. It is not merely a box to tick; it is crucial and, according to our trendwatchers, it will inform some of the key HR trends for 2018. Here is a list of the top trends HR should keep on its radar to avoid the risk of being out-dated:

1. Applicant assessment

Tests assessing different candidate skills are catching on in various industries. Although they can reveal the level of aptitude candidates have in certain skill sets, such assessments should be designed carefully so that they include questions that are strictly relevant to necessary skills. They should, by no means, be too long or too convoluted.

2. Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a rather vague concept which ultimately entails fostering employee health. This may include generous health care packages if the budget permits, but more importantly it requires HR to find ways to improve wellbeing in the workplace. An excellent way to achieve that is to create a culture where wellbeing is a priority by signing up the company to charity walks and marathons, organising fun games and sports activities for the workforce or inviting health specialists to give advice and support.

3. Remote Workforce

Technological innovation has allowed people to work from home -or their local café- without their performance declining. Therefore, there are hardly any excuses for companies that have not set up remote work policies yet. In fact, there are already tech solutions on the market that enable easy connectivity and planning for remote workers. The first step is to craft a good plan for out-of-office work and pilot it with a few trusted employees before putting it into practice.

4. Modernizing Benefits

Perks that were considered too start-uppy or odd are now making their way into the mainstream. For instance, it is not just tech start-ups that have adopted open-plan workplaces recently. What needs to be kept in mind when opting to make benefits more diverse, however, is that employees need benefits that are meaningful; they do not care so much about a free gym subscription as much as they value a company that cares for their wellbeing and work-life balance.

5. Internet of things office integration

Although still a new development, the IoT is entering the workplace to revolutionise it. Even though you should not expect smart objects to do your job just yet, you may have a photocopier sending a warning message for low ink or a voice-operated digital PA sooner than you think.

Source: https://blog.capterra.com/major-talent-trends-for-2018/