Ineffective managers are to an organization what the iceberg was to the Titanic; they bring it down, along with employee engagement, morale and revenue. Of course, no one has ever claimed that excellence at managing people is a walk in the park; hardly. It is an uphill climb paved with roadblocks, but which can be overcome with patience and taking one step at a time. Here are ways that can gradually transform a mediocre manager into a great one:

Pick the Right People

Who managers choose to join their teams reflects on their effectiveness. Selecting people who are unfit can break the most talented of teams and compromise the reputation of the most successful managers.

Motivate Your People

Being a driving force for one’s team depends on how discerning a manager is. People’s passions are fuelled by different things, so great managers identify what each team member aspires to and leverages it to encourage them to work harder.

Foster Collaboration

Great teams run on a “we-can-do-this” mentality. Moulding different individuals into a coherent, effectively collaborative team is exclusively in the hands of the person leading them.

Don’t Manage, Lead

Leaders can turn drive and talent into true value by providing direction and setting an example for their people to follow. One does not have to be a CEO to be a leader, so you can start modelling leadership practices today.

Hone Your Communication Skills

Most successful leaders impart the vision and express expectations clearly. When it comes to one’s ability to communicate effectively, practice makes perfect, so focus on that.

Improve Your Money Management Skills

Money is the bottom line, what everything in business ultimately comes down to. Thus, unless a manager can add value to the company by increasing revenue and decreasing expenses, they will not be a manager for long. Learn your maths then to remain a valuable asset.

Improve Your Time Management Skills

Time is always scarce so knowing how to prioritise tasks, multitask and manage available time resources effectively are paramount to your success as a leader.

Develop Professionally

Like employees, managers need to be constantly improving and updating their skills. Thus, find the areas where you are lacking and focus on them.

Manage Ethically

Avoiding legal trouble and being a respected leader depends on whether your style of management conforms to standards of ethical behaviour and conduct. Refer to your organization’s ethics guide to find what that entails.

Take Personal Time

Overworked managers are a nightmare to be around. Therefore, ensure that you always take the time to unwind so that you can come back in full throttle.