Plenty of factors determine whether you will be fortunate in your job search. One of the most crucial ones, which many people are not aware of, is the season you decide to hunt for a job. Hiring seasons, or recruitment cycles as they are commonly known, are the tidal forces of the employment market. Each year is divided into four such quarterly cycles and learning to read their ripple effect will get you one step closer to the career of your dreams:


First Quarter:
The first couple of months of each year are considered strong hiring periods as there is usually renewed demand for culturally-fit talent. Contacting organizations of choice during this peak season is an excellent idea as it will give you immediate competitive advantage over jobseekers who choose to get in touch with employers later in the year.

Second Quarter:
The spring hiring cycle is quite active for some industries, especially seasonal ones, which are warming up for the summer. The construction industry usually engages in active recruitment during this cycle. Similarly, this is the strongest hiring season for the hospitality industry as most of the work happens in the summer.

Third Quarter:
This is admittedly the slowest recruiting season, especially with the summer holidays coming up. However, due to that, recruiters may have more time and willingness to consider candidates with unusual skill sets and experience and determine whether they could add value. Therefore, if you fall into this category, apply and you have nothing to lose.

Fourth Quarter:
The last recruitment cycle is perhaps the most multifaceted. Recruitment activity has its highs and lows depending on the industry, because of how intensely the market operates at this time of year. There is extensive hiring in retail which is gearing up for the holidays as well as in banks which aim to lower their taxable profits. However, it is the slowest hiring season for the IT and services sectors which have already filled all their workforce needs in the second quarter. Despite the relative idleness of the cycle, recruitment experts suggest that you are always on the lookout for new job opportunities as HR departments are still trying to fill vacancies before the end of the year.