Can work be joyous? In case you think this is an oxymoron, it is time you get off the monotonous treadmill of your job and seek alternative paths of meaning on your journey toward career advancement and satisfaction. Here’s how;

Identify what you do derive pleasure from at work
There must be at least one aspect of your current job that you genuinely enjoy. Identify what it is and focus on pursuing more tasks of that kind. Your performance, along with your drive and satisfaction will skyrocket.

Follow those with a spring in their step
People who love their job are hard to miss; they are usually the highest performers and they constantly exude positivity. Allow them to infect you with their positive vibes.

Identify Your Career Motto
Is there anything that truly captures your personal philosophy regarding life and work? Jot it down and ensure that it informs all your efforts towards achieving your goals and becoming the best version of yourself.

Choose your battles
There are things that we can effectively handle and others that are beyond our control. Make a list of both and ensure that you do not waste any energy on what you cannot control. Rather, focus on attainable problem-solving.

Do tasks that are higher than your pay grade
This will pave the way for a promotion. If you show your supervisor that you can perform well in tasks that are higher than your current position, they are more likely to choose you over others.

Choose projects that enhance your CV
After you complete them, ensure that they are clearly showcased on your CV, focusing on the results delivered due to your contribution.

Forge strong bonds 
Invest in your interpersonal relationships with co-workers. You are to gain a lot both on a personal and professional level.

The devil is as much in the detail as in the big picture
Have you determined your overarching goal? Then, choose the little, short-term steps that will get you there wisely. Network, seek professional development and keep learning.

Are you where you want to be?
Assess your career to determine whether it suits who you are, what you can do and who you want to become. If you find that your true calling is oceans apart from where you currently are, a career change is a must.