Working in HR is no walk in the park. It has never been and, frankly, neither will it ever be like shooting fish in a barrel. Between managing the human capital, tracking payroll, benefits and performance as well as ensuring employees remain engaged and motivated, HR professionals have hectic, complicated and draining work days.

The question that now begs itself is whether there is any way to alleviate the stress and headaches caused by these issues. Luckily, the answer is yes; there are ways to carry out HR-related tasks more easily. Read on to find out how:

1. Attract talent through social media

Placing your talent acquisition hopes on traditional recruiting methods is time-consuming, expensive and hardly effective, especially since there is a new means you have unrestricted access to 24/7. On social media you can find all the talent you need and even talent you did not think you needed. It is only a click away.

2. Keep communication ongoing

Keeping close connection with employees is essential in dealing with emerging issues as they come up before taking larger dimensions which may be hard to contain. Therefore, you should communicate with employees on a daily basis without hesitating or second-guessing yourself.

3. Stay updated

Identifying problem areas in order to deal with them promptly greatly depends on knowing what is happening across the organization. The best way to achieve that is by setting in place feedback mechanisms that measure employee performance. These could include complaint or suggestion boxes, online questionnaires and regular meetings. Both the makers and the breakers of the organization will start popping up.

4. Advocate for employee wellbeing

HR professionals’ primary goal is to contribute to fostering a workplace where everyone is allowed to grow. This is not possible when employee wellbeing is anything but a top priority. When employees lack what they need to perform well and thrive, everyone loses; therefore, HR should focus on providing what they need.

5. Use high-tech solutions

There is so much to be gained from going high-tech. There is no reason why HR departments should continue pestering themselves with paperwork and manually managing recruitment, payroll and attendance when there are so many different HR software solutions in the market to deal with these. Simply find the most suitable one for your organization.