When a truly great leader sets foot in a room, the electric charge is so palpable that few people remain unaffected. Highly effective leaders are the lighthouse, the anchor and a driving force for their people. Some of them were fortunate enough to have been born this way while others have attained greatness through hard work and an unwavering passion for growth.  They are standing apart from most mortals because they have adopted and are practicing a set of core great leadership traits. Here is an outline of the most crucial ones:

Triggering Inspiration

Great leaders have a clear vision of the future and know how to communicate it to their people vividly. They are also very skilled at eradicating hurdles so that their people can set their creativity free without any constraints.


Highly effective leaders have the uncanny ability to eliminate any self-doubt in their employees. They always strive to lift them up, fully leveraging the best in their people. Every day is a bright, cloudless day around great leaders.


Top leaders neither lie nor do they withhold information from their people. They treat everyone equally and fairly, making no exceptions.

Transparency and openness to different opinions

Not only are exceptional leaders the first to encourage people to express all their opinions and concerns freely, they also foster a safe-to-fail workplace. This level of employee support is paramount to both individual and organizational growth.


Great leaders do not have a single faltering bone in their body and they always endeavour to instil the same confidence in their people. When a team knows they can achieve anything, the sky is the limit.

Clear and thorough communication skills

Good communicators build authentic connections with the people around them. Furthermore, they ensure that every single employee has precise and updated information so that they contribute to business success. Such levels of communication are only attained when all channels of communication are in full throttle.


All leaders make decisions; great ones make the hardest decisions without wavering or procrastinating. However, they do so after careful consideration and context analysis. They also never back away from any decision they make, following it through to its conclusion.

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