Oh, the struggle of putting together a decent CV! It overcomes most job seekers with dread and self-doubt. Some may even be dissuaded from pursuing an opportunity because they have no idea how they should write a CV that proves they are employable. It is true that qualifications can be a key selling point on a CV but employers are usually impressed with candidates with varied skill sets and the competencies they can bring to the table. Therefore, the skills you have acquired throughout your previous academic and professional life should take centre stage if you want to secure a job. Most core employability skills can be broken down into three main categories. Here is an outline:

Transferable skills

These are the skills you have acquired along the way but are not aware that you have. These typically include reading, writing and oral communication, IT and time management skills as well as commercial know-how to name just a few. Transferable skills are especially valuable as they can resonate with a variety of business sectors with equal effectiveness. Therefore, they should be clearly featured on your CV.

Industry-specific skills

Despite the specificity of these skills, you should not feel that they are narrowing your career options. Undoubtedly, there are as many job-related skills as there are jobs, but most entail at least some transferable skills which might be useful to an employer regardless of the sector. In case you still feel that they are not relevant to the career you currently wish to pursue you can add them to the education section of your CV and enrol in a training course to expand on them.

Soft skills

Soft skills -or adaptive skills as they are otherwise known- are the new black. Employers across industries are always on the lookout for people embodying qualities such as loyalty, positive attitude, creativity, flexibility, resilience and team spirit which are all examples of soft skills. These might have been developed through the course of your professional life or you may be fortunate enough to be naturally inclined to these behaviours. Whatever the case, these are the skills which will set you apart from the bulk of candidates. They are the proof an employer needs to consider you a unique asset and thus highly employable. Thus, ensure that they are present on your CV, preferably in the work experience section.

Source: https://www.monster.co.uk/career-advice/article/key-skills-that-all-cvs-need