HR is destined to perish – what with new software developments and AI; or so it has been foretold on numerous occasions over the last decade. Fortunately, however, the doomsayers have been proven utterly wrong. The face of HR has changed and is projected to undergo additional changes but its demise is nowhere in sight. Rather, it is growing, expanding its scope and playing a more and more strategic business role. Experts in the field have outlined what the future holds for the function. Here is what they predict:

Prediction 1: Leaner in-house HR and more extensive outsourcing

According to industry experts, the reasons for this change will be especially pertinent to three main factors; namely, new technologies which will take care of more transactional tasks, increased employee participation in handling the administration of their benefits as well as assigning administrative tasks which require too much time and manpower to field experts.

Prediction 2: Strategic planning will be at the core of the function

When all the more menial tasks are outsourced, HR is expected to focus intently on fulfilling the strategic role the business landscape dictates. This strategic role entails the ability to make accurate projections informed by deep business insight and using analytics to contribute to the bottom line. Experts believe that this shift will also lead to the creation of new job titles. HR professionals will have to be thus seen as HR Business Professionals.

Prediction 3: The specialist will take precedence.

With the world of work becoming increasingly more complex, there will be a need to rid the function of generalized roles and opt for more specialized ones. For, it is the specialists who can effectively handle changing regulations.

Prediction 4: Big Data and Analytics will boost the strategic value of HR.

Becoming a strategic partner of the C-suite means that HR will have to leverage big data and analytics to provide actionable insight. Therefore, HR departments will have to be manned with professionals who can conduct this level of sophisticated data analysis, using data analysis tools optimally to drive growth.

Prediction 5: Remote workforce management will be the rule, not the exception.

Due to the urgent need to leverage the best talent, HR will have to manage employees who may be scattered around the world and across time zones. New technologies will assist HR in this new challenging task but it is also essential for expectations to be adapted accordingly.

Prediction 6: HR professionals will have to think like marketers

This, of course, entails a crucial shift in mindset. Hiring talent is a matter of expert marketing in that it should involve locating the right segments of job seekers. Beyond recruitment, experts also attest to the significance of social marketing and brand ownership so that the best talent will be motivated to contact the company first.