Employee disengagement is one of the most detrimental corporate illnesses plaguing the modern workforce. While this phenomenon is often blamed on poor workplace relationships, the truth is that, usually, it is a symptom of poor alignment with an organization’s values. An equally crucial cause of this ailment is overlooking the importance of a compelling vision statement which can solidly and effectively motivate employees to make the vision reality. Aligning employees with a company’s values and goals is not a matter of occult wizardry. Rather, it can be attained when a corporate vision statement is the backbone of every action. Here are a few examples:

1. Link the vision to attainable goals

If the vision statement expressly links the company’s vision with team goals, then everyone working at the organization –from entry-level employees to the C-suite – will know exactly how to strive towards achieving these goals. Regarding employee engagement, recognition can go a long way. Thus, when the workforce attains goals tied to the mission, leaders should have a scheme in place on how to reward them. This can be as simple as a thank you note or a public acknowledgement (in meetings or internal newsletters). Perhaps this is how accountability and drive can be incorporated in any corporate culture.

2. Place the company vision front and centre at all times

To achieve this, employees across all tiers should be able to identify with it, clearly see how they can contribute to it and understand how it impacts growth. In simple terms, your people should be able to see how the company’s vision translates into action, how it changes lives. In addition, senior leadership should come up with fun and original ways to provide incentives, gauge performance and reward success. Therefore, weekly goals linked to the vision could be set and success can be acknowledged in a way that is resonant to each organization’s culture.

3. Tell stories of how the company vision was realized

One should never underestimate the magical impact of stories. Storytelling could be employed to share the company vision statement with employees and customers. What could immensely boost performance and engagement, however, would be sharing success stories; how individual employees’ actions have helped make the vision reality. Tell everyone how valued these high performers are. Chances are the rest of the workforce will strive to emulate their behavior.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/290803