We are back on the topic which is the proverbial bane of most jobseekers’ existence; the interview. This time, WorkForce is set on helping you strategize. How? Every interview can be divided into 5 defining moments and your chances of avoiding the toss pile depends on how well you fare at each one. Read on to find what these moments are and how the tactics we suggest can help you stand out and –hopefully- land the job.

1. The entrance
In other words, the first impression. To start the interview on the most positive note possible you need to project confidence and respect from the get-go. Thus, be punctual, shake the recruiter’s hand firmly, make eye contact and engage them in pleasant small talk before they start the questions.

2. The conversation
Your instinct tells you that you are the perfect fit for the job. The problem is that the recruiter does not know that…yet. All you have to do is turn the onslaught of questions into a relaxed and engaging conversation.

3. The value proposition
Having engaged the recruiter, you have a unique opportunity to tell them what sets you apart from other candidates. Whatever your value is –experience, drive, leadership skills, deep understanding of the industry or all of the above-, now is the time to express it clearly and confidently.

4. The questions
When you hear the question: “Do you have any questions?”, you can, by no means, say “No”. You will come off as uninterested. Neither can you recite questions you found online nor ask about remuneration. Your best bet is to come prepared with some well-thought-out questions. This is a critical point in the interview so tread carefully. Opt to ask about what the recruiter enjoys about working in the company, how your success in the role will be determined or how you can add the most value.

5. The wrap-up
This is your chance to seal the deal, especially if you feel that you are right for the job. So, instead of bidding the recruiter farewell and keeping your fingers crossed they will contact you, you should ask them whether they think you are a good fit for the job directly. After they have answered, you can follow up with inquiring about the next steps with your application.

Source: https://www.wetfeet.com/articles/the-5-defining-moments-of-every-job-interview