Written by: Pauline Shahabian, Recruitment Consultant, Workforce Cyprus

It’s very natural to think highly of oneself. Don’t feel guilty, we all do. Whether this belief has bearing on your prospect of employability however, is a different case altogether.

Be honest, and put aside the notion that you simply want a particular job that’s currently available – Would you truly hire yourself if the decision was up to you?

In order to answer this question sincerely, you should take a step back and reassess what you can offer to a potential employer.

In doing so, you should take into consideration if you are truly capable to undertake all duties of the job, what sets you apart from your competitors, as well as what you hope to achieve and what you aim to offer to the role should you be successful.

Let’s say you’ve done the above, and are ready to take on the challenge. What’s next?

  1. Learn how to sell yourself

The ability to sell yourself is a catalyst to increasing the odds of obtaining any job you set your mind to. However, keep in mind that there is a fine line between confidently elaborating your skillset, and to presenting them in a downright arrogant manner, which could be the kiss of death.

A brief pre-interview prep can greatly help with calming your nerves so you walk into the interview ready to discuss about your suitability for the position in question – Why are you the best candidate for this job? Why is the company wise to select you over others? Furthermore, make sure that you have considered in advance what skills you should focus on for the specific role, and what relatable past experiences you can shed light on.

If you feel that you lack experience in a specific area, then you should remain humble but state that you are keen to learn or be trained on it, and feel that you may soon excel in it. Even in this, you are selling yourself as a versatile individual with a strong willingness to evolve and learn.

  1. Take what you can and better yourself

You should deem each interview you attend – yes, even the unsuccessful ones – as a great source of self-discovery and learning.

With each new experience, you will surely pick up different lessons that you should then apply to the next opportunity that comes your way. And the more diverse the interviews, the better for you as it will present you with a plethora of scenarios.

Whatever the case, as long as you have succeeded in selling yourself then you’ve done your job. The rest falls in the – hopefully capable – hands of the prospective employer.