The staggering numbers of people using social media have meant that social media are no longer platforms which bring people together. Rather, they are increasingly being used for marketing purposes, not only by retailers but by HR professionals too. In fact, leveraging social media to reach the best talent is now an established practice in organizations which have gained competitive advantage.

The reason is simple: candidates are constantly active now. Job seekers are online 24/7 in search of opportunity and the best of the lot are quite demanding regarding who they are willing to be reached by. Millennials, in specific, generally join corporate teams with a strong employer and talent brand on social. In this sense, social hiring is both the present and the future of top talent acquisition so it is high time hiring and recruiting officers on the four corners of the business world turned to social media to reach talent and showcase their brand. Here are a few crucial points to consider:

1. The company’s social talent brand should become a priority.

Social talent branding is critical as it determines the image and reputation of an organization’s culture, vision and mission on social media. Companies with a strong and appealing social talent brand- e.g. Google- attract la crème de la crème of talent. The added advantage is that if an organization’s social talent branding is effective, hiring costs plummet. Therefore, recruiters should ensure that all content showcasing this brand is consistent across all social platforms.

2. Existing employees are the best brand ambassadors.

Research has shown that candidates are more likely to consider a job opportunity if a person they know has told them about it. In this sense, it is a wise move to encourage current employees to evangelize the perks of working at your organization. This can be done in person but -more importantly- on social and digital platforms; for example blog posts, video and photo sharing and post contributions on Facebook.

3. All content shared should reflect positively on the company.

Following from the previous point, all the visual and written content shared on social platforms should guarantee the positive exposure of the company. The message should be: “we are a dynamic, forward-thinking, thriving team that celebrates and enjoys every minute of work. The next thing you know will be star talent approaching you.