It is virtually impossible for new hires to arrive on the first day without feeling a little lost and a bit out of their element. Of course, this is utterly justified. Fortunately, organizations can help make the transition from overwhelmed newbie status to fully-functional, comfortable professional and make an excellent first impression using the methods outlined below:  

1. Be prepared.

This means that there should  be someone there to welcome and usher them in and that their workspace is prepared so they can start work.

2. Show them around.

Regardless of the size of the workplace, new employees should be taken on an office tour so they can become acquainted with the surroundings and their new colleagues. At the very least, new hires should learn where the restroom and break room are and get a general feel of the culture.

3. Provide training.

Training in general is an absolute requisite. However, the point here is to offer training as soon as they start. New hires should be trained on everything pertaining to the organization: from using the photocopier and familiarizing themselves with software and systems to learning who the clients are and how they should communicate with them.

4. Assign small tasks at first.

On their first day, new hires should not be overwhelmed with too challenging tasks. Rather, they should be assigned reasonably straight-forward tasks which will allow them to test the waters and get a sense of purpose.

5. Ask an existing employee to provide assistance.

Assigning a mentor is an excellent way to make new hires feel at ease as they are likely to have questions on how to go about carrying out their tasks. This will boost both their confidence and performance.

6. Keep paperwork to a minimum.

If possible, paperwork could be filled out electronically prior to a new hire’s start date. In case such a paperless system is not available, the organization should ensure that new employees do not spend the whole day form-filling.

7. Request feedback.

The best conclusion to a new hire’s first day would be for the employer to request feedback, whether there are any concerns that need to be addressed. Doing so will allow employers to gain insight into what is required for an employee to add value and for the organization itself to improve its onboarding process.