Gone are the days when HR was task-oriented. Tasks still need to be carried out both fast and efficiently but current trends have brought a shift in HR focus: it now has to be more people-centric. This may seem self-evident as the primary goal of HR is to manage people. However, having people at the centre of its operations entails that HR is also responsible for fostering a positive environment. Thus, it is no longer a question of how people can help HR, but rather how HR can help them.

Manage employee performance

Performance reviews are becoming more of an integral part of talent management. Luckily, there are now performance evaluation software solutions which can assist HR in managing employee performance, boosting productivity and allowing staff to fulfill their potential. The added advantage of such software is that some operate online and can be used in conjunction with other HR tools.

Provide professional development opportunities

Training should be both ongoing and engaging. Online software tools such as Workday Learning or Fuse Universal offer employees the opportunity to polish valuable skills like time management and writing in meaningful, interactive ways.

Nurture employee wellbeing

Oracle and Ultimate Software are prime examples of tools HR can use this year to make the workforce more physically active, healthy and encourage work-life balance. These solutions also feature analytics which gauges employee wellbeing and provides feedback on how to improve it.

Foster communication

Managing expectations can become more streamlined with open communication channels. Solutions such as Trakstar and ReviewSnap keep employees updated about what is expected of them and provide feedback in real time. These tools are especially relevant nowadays as an increasing percentage of the workforce works remotely.

Use people analytics

Analytics is the new trend which has revolutionized HR by allowing safe predictions on employee desires, behavior and how they can add value. For example, SmartSurvey and Dub InterViewer use analytics to determine changes in performance and suggest additional training or other ways to boost productivity.

Embrace talent acquisition

It is the future of your company, after all. Social media along with new tech (Lever, Gildand SmartRecruiters) can be your biggest ally. These systems cover all aspects of the hiring process, from locating the right talent and candidate suitability reviewing to onboarding.

Source: https://talentculture.com/5-tips-for-people-oriented-hr-management/