The stereotype-ridden HR of the past is finally, well, in the past. Nowadays, in order to fulfill its strategic role of hiring and retaining the best talent to keep organizations thriving, HR is increasingly tapping into new software solutions. Being a strategic partner in a business is no longer a choice; it is a requisite which the following platforms make possible.


1. Linkedin 

The king in talent management does not simply streamline talent acquisition operations. It also allows HR to stay up-to-date with advancements in the field and provides a platform where information, ideas and best practices can be exchanged.


This HR software makes employee management less tedious by automating HR processes, making them paper-free and thus, allowing HR to focus on more meaningful aspects of its function, such as culture building and performance reinforcement.

3. HireVue

Using AI, this video-conference app makes the vetting process more accurate by assessing a candidate’s qualities to determine whether they can be a good fit in a role.

4. Slack

Being a communication platform, Slack nurtures a more connected workforce with direct messaging features, private discussion and team meeting capabilities as well as large file sharing and compatibility with Dropbox and Google Drive.  

5. Goodhire 

As a vetting tool, Goodhire prevents or contains the risk of lawsuits against the company because of hiring risky candidates. The background checks it conducts are reportedly quite thorough.

 6. Ubiquity 

This platform makes strong retirement plans possible without breaking the bank, by charging a flat fee per employee and limiting management-fee costs to a minimum.

7. HireAthena 

This is the ideal solution for startups, non-profits, small and medium-sized businesses as it offers on-demand, remote labor who can manage HR accounting and related services using suitable workflow software.


Using recruitment analytics, this platform offers a 9-step guide to attracting the best talent. One of its benefits is that it uses statistics from larger organizations to help smaller ones gain competitive advantage in talent acquisition.


This website offers employee reward packages which ensure that the workforce feels valued. Furthermore, it provides managers with relevant articles on how to boost morale and loyalty through its blog.

10. ADP

The largest HR service provider in the US, ADP makes talent acquisition a streamlined process and allows HR to fulfill its strategic role through digital solutions.