The following guide is for those who have finally landed a job and who naturally want to strike the right chord with their employer. Overall, employers do not value backscratchers. They are more into people who can hold their own, who are hard-working and willing to improve.  Now, let’s get on to the specifics.

Be dependable

It never helps when people suddenly decide that there is no problem with arriving at work late. Reliability is built through the little things. Thus, if, for instance, there is no way you can turn up on time, you should tell the boss.

Be adaptable

You may have to carry out tasks which are not in the job description. Refusing to means that you will probably put extra stress on your colleagues and/or employer. We can assure you that they will not appreciate it. Nor will they appreciate it in case you clock out before finishing your day’s tasks.

Be assertive

Speak up when it comes to bad business practices or toxic behaviours in the workplace. Yet, you should deal with the situation as delicately as possible in order for the boss to appreciate it.

Opt for more responsibility

There is nothing wrong with sticking to your assigned tasks but doing so will make it difficult for the boss to consider you for promotion. Thus, volunteer to help with other, more demanding tasks as long as they resonate with your skills.

Be transparent about your abilities

It would be damaging both to your reputation and to the company as a whole if you take on tasks that are beyond your know-how, so you should be honest about what you can and cannot do.

Do overlooked tasks

These could include refilling printer paper or keeping the break room tidy. No task is too small if you want to stand out.

Keep updated

And make sure the boss knows. Reading industry-related material at break is a good start. Showing your boss how new social media developments can help the organization is also an excellent idea.

Save the company money

Ultimately, businesses are all about money making. If you find a way to save them or –even better- make them some money, your boss will notice.

Don’t be a bootlicker

Employers never respect people who are afraid to share their views or who always suck up to the higher-ups. Express your opinions and ideas freely and openly.