Attention ambitious, forward-thinking folks out there! This article is winking at you.

WorkForce has your back once again with a guide on how to secure the promotion you have had your eyes on since your first day at work. So, go through all the little tricks we outline below, and you can thank us later!



No promotion will magically fall into your lap. You need to take initiative. Seize every opportunity for professional development or if no such opportunities are offered by the company, create your own. In other words, search the Internet to find resources and/or training programs which can help hone your knowledge and skills. Your employer will notice.

Volunteer to cover for colleagues who are off

Nothing spells “ready for promotion” like walking in a higher-ranking colleague’s shoes when they are off work. Not only will it show employers that you are ready to hit the ground running in a more demanding role, but it will also give you the chance to learn what this role entails.

Inform your employer about your ambitions

Tread carefully, however. If you getting a promotion means that your boss will lose their job, you really need to practice caution. Other than that, if you do not bring it up, your boss will never know and they will not be able to offer you the necessary guidance to reach your goal.

Forge strong bonds with your colleagues

Doing so will be a great motivator for your colleagues in case you assume team management responsibilities. Forming great working relationships is usually a good indicator of success in a new role. That is one of the parameters your employer is likely to consider before offering you the promotion.

Walk the extra mile

Good old hard work prevails over any other promotion criteria. In fact, employers have a long memory in terms of how hard-working their employees are. Therefore, they are more likely to consider you for a higher role if you have performed over and above your current role.

Be creative

You are rather unlikely to secure a promotion if you cannot contribute to the company’s bottom line. This entails being a creative and out-of-the-box thinker who can come up with the best solutions to the very real problems the company faces from time to time.

Seize internal hiring opportunities

Leave nothing to chance. Even if you do not have the necessary qualifications, your candidacy is still stronger than that of a person from the outside.