If you ask a business guru for advice on what you should do if you want to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, they will probably tell you to resign from your day job. However, there are so many success stories out there of people who have managed to launch a profitable business whilst holding a job. Of course, in no way do we intend to discredit the experts. Rather, we are interested in lending a hand to those of you who want to pursue your entrepreneurial dream but cannot make ends meet without a steady income. The following strategies will help:


1. Everything begins with perception.

This means that if you view your job as a curse, it will become one. What you need to do is adjust your mindset and acknowledge that your job is probably your ticket in the world you aspire to enter. In other words, without the money from your salary, investors may not consider investing in your venture. Generally, they are looking for commitment and relative autonomy before signing a cheque.

2. Good management skills pay off.

Working yourself to exhaustion will not help you launch a business. Being consistent with your schedule and getting rid of distractions will. So, be well-organized and give both your job and your dream the attention and focus they merit.

 3. Capitalize on your time.

Do you know what you and Elon Musk have in common? You both have 24 hours per day to realize you dreams. Therefore, use this time to your advantage by maximizing all the time you do not spend at work. Successful people do not ask for more time. They make do with what they have.

 4. Let your job motivate you.

Start by being as high-performing as an entrepreneur would. Don’t start bossing people around but find the drive to push your dream forward. Whatever happens, you will still have this job even if you cannot find investors.

 5. Outsourcing could be the answer to your prayers.

Do the maths and figure out how much your time is worth. Then hire someone to do it for you both better and more efficiently. This will save you time and -potentially- money as well.

The key is to maximize every resource at your disposal. That is precisely what exceptional entrepreneurs know how to do well.

 Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/245763