Image is powerful. Thus, an ever-increasing number of candidates are capitalizing on both their image and accomplishments by showcasing them visually. How? With a new and potentially ground-breaking tool; the video CV/portfolio.

Go through the following simple steps to learn how you can use it to your advantage:


The Benefits

It reflects drive and ingenuity

Not only will a video CV/portfolio offer recruiters a more accurate insight into you, but it will also show you are tech savvy, an innovative thinker and willing to embrace change and new developments. More importantly, a video CV is more likely to stand out and grab a recruiter’s attention.

It is cost-effective

Money-wise, creating a video CV is generally either free or low-cost. Nevertheless, you will have to invest some time in producing a high-quality video. Using a video editor is, therefore, strongly recommended.

You already have the necessary equipment.

Unless you are a time-traveller from a bygone era, you already have a smartphone and/or laptop equipped with a reasonably good HD camera. That is all the equipment you need. Oh! And good lighting!

It allows your personality to shine through

Unlike traditional text CVs, this new tool can really show a recruiter who you are. Body language is crucial in this respect.

The Drawbacks

Bias may come into play

Although there are anti-discrimination laws which are established to prevent this, it is still a possibility. Unfortunately, recruiters may pick on traits that would otherwise not be readily discernible. This could be anything from your accent to your hairstyle.

Some positions require traditional CVs.

For instance, if you are applying for an MA or a graduate fellowship, video CVs are anything but suitable. The same applies to other more manual professions. Video CVs are generally ideal for creative or teaching positions.

Creating a professional video is not easy.

If your shooting skills are a bit wobbly, you had better opt out of using this tool. Sending a poor video CV will break your candidacy.

Video CV - How to:

  • Go on YouTube and check out examples. They will give you an idea of how you can do it yourself.
  • Regardless of the medium (smartphone, laptop, HD digital camera), ensure the camera you use is high quality.
  • Regarding structure, you should keep it short and sweet. Start with an outline of your skills, move on to the reason you are applying and explain how you will add value. Overall, it should not last longer than three minutes.
  • Choose an outfit you would wear for an interview and keep your hairstyle and makeup simple.
  • Choose a tidy and plain background with good lighting
  • Upload your CV on YouTube and share that direct link in each application.