Change happens constantly and is essentially unavoidable. Most of us resist changing because it forces us to adjust, evolve and reevaluate, removing us from our comfort zone. These changes are especially valid in the workplace. 

Here are some ways on adapting to change in the workplace: 

1. Forget about the “good old times”

Not letting go of the past is the first reason why people resist changing. For some people, letting go of ways and practices of the past is ominous, dark and gloomy. Yet, some of the best opportunities come our way when we embrace change.

2. Accept

In order to adapt to change, one needs to accept its inevitability. People should not fear it, or hold their breaths until its next strike. It is always already there in life and at the workplace. Your supervisor might leave or you may have to relocate. Accept the possibility and nothing will hold you back.

3. Think in affirmatives not in negatives

It is usually a reflex reaction to say “no” to any change in the workplace. However, this way you run the risk of not moving forward. Change will take place any way so it really comes down to whether you can succeed by keeping up.

4. Define new goals and pursue them

Even in the midst of change it is a good idea to set new goals and consistently pursue them. This will allow you to channel your energy into productive tasks and feel less overwhelmed by the change.

5. Concentrate on owning your own actions

In a changing work environment all we can control is our own actions despite believing that we can control anything else beyond that. Worrying about things outside your control does not help in any way. Conversely, focusing on your own actions can be more meaningful and fulfilling.

6. Invite a fresh perspective

A symptom of a changing workplace is isolation. There is a feeling that not enough information is shared with you which builds feelings of anxiety. To remedy the situation, a good idea would be to get in touch with fellow-workers outside the workplace. This could serve as a reality check and a mood booster.

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