Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes. – Oscar Wilde

It is believed that people grow through mistakes. This holds true, as long as they learn and steer clear from the same pitfalls. Here are 5 of the most common leadership and management mistakes, and what can be done to avoid them.

1. Not Providing Feedback

As a poll of 1,400 executives by The Ken Blanchard Companies shows, one of the most common mistakes in leadership is failure to provide feedback. Your team is deprived of the opportunity to boost their performance when constructive feedback is not readily available to them.

Therefore, learning to provide feedback when necessary is of paramount importance.

2. Failing to Define Goals

If there is absence of clear goals, your team can’t be as productive. Their workload can’t be efficiently organized and this entails that all projects and tasks are not conducted in the right order.

This mistake can be avoided if you determine smart goals for your team, establish how they can be achieved and which resources can be utilized. Furthermore, your team’s objectives should align to the mission of the company.

3. Not "Walking the Walk"

A leader is a role model. This means that your work ethic and attitude should set the example. Do not expect the team to stay late if you fail to do the same. Remember that you are under your team’s microscope. In case you feel that their behavior should be changed, begin with your own. They will act accordingly.

4. Not Delegating

Delegating requires considerable effort in advance as it can be difficult to trust your team to carry out tasks effectively. However, focusing on the bigger picture is practically impossible if you do not delegate. Your team might not develop enough to take on responsibilities and eventually fail to reduce your workload as expected.

5. Misunderstanding Your Role

As a leader your duties seem to alternate all the time, resulting in not being effective or useful enough. You should always remind yourself that you were employed to lead and manage a team. A consistent reminder towards your leadership attitude will help you stop misunderstanding your role.

To avoid these mistakes, ensure you sharpen your leadership skills. Undoubtedly, mistakes constitute opportunities to improve one’s self. Nevertheless, focusing on identifying and avoiding mistakes allows you to enhance your productivity and success and inspire respect within your team.

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