An HR department is not usually a priority when a startup begins its operations. However, as the business grows, the importance of establishing an HR department becomes inevitable. Growing companies do not need a full HR team yet a one-person HR department can address several arising issues, four of which are outlined below.

1. Lagging Communication

At the beginning, when the team is small, employees work closely with the management. As the company grows the staff has less access to the executive team. How important is to have an HR Department? An HR professional can bridge this gap. By serving as a mediator, a representative of the people and by sharing their concerns and ideas with the upper level executives, an HR individual ensures that the business is both thriving and sustainable.

2. Complicated Compliance

With the recruitment of more employees, the need arises for employers to comply with more regulations. A Human Resource Manager has a better insight into laws as well as the ability to apply them to a growing number of staff. The HR department ensures compliance and the management can focus on scaling the business.

3. Recruitment and Onboarding

Recruitment and onboarding are essential to growing a business as new talent can sustain the company’s drive. Most businesses implement hiring and training procedures which need to be adapted in order to recruit and train a larger number of employees efficiently. An HR professional can address these issues by setting up referrals and utilizing more effective hiring techniques to seek top talent in the field. The next step is to establish official training procedures in order to grow and maintain talent.

4. The Right Tools

The job responsibilities may appear too overwhelming or challenging for a single person to manage but it is not unattainable if the HR representative has the correct tools and resources at their disposal. Technology has revolutionized modern life and it can take care of time-consuming administrative tasks through automating processes. In this way, the HR department of one can connect, collaborate and handle talent more efficiently.

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