The necessary skills for job seekers have remained unchanged for years. Nowadays, however, swarming job markets compared to limited attention span of recruiting officers require updated and essential skills.

Here are five new crucial job-search skills all job seekers should have:

Pain Spotting

It is no longer enough to simply copy the requirements listed from the job announcement on your resume. You now have to interpret what kind of business pain is underlying the position you are applying for. Unless you are able to prove that in your application, cover letter and CV, no self-respecting hiring manager will take your application into serious consideration and possibly, there will be nothing to distinguish you from the crowds of applicants out there.


A core principle of decent storytelling is “Show. Don’t tell.” Saying in a few words that you have a strong work ethic and are a team player is about as convincing and engaging as saying that you take your coffee with two sugars. If you want to catch the recruiter’s attention you need to tell a story, a compelling and powerful one, which shows what you can accomplish. You can describe a challenge you have faced in your previous work environment and then provide the solution on how you managed to overcome this.

Using a Human Voice

Another way to make yourself stand out among the swarms of typical job seekers is to use a human voice in your resume. This implies that the pronoun “I” should not be feared and using it in your CV is not a bad thing. The hiring manager is a real person, who uses more casual language on a daily basis, just like you.

Showing Relevance

Most job seekers have prepared a generic CV which they submit every time, regardless of the position they are applying for. This is not a good idea. Instead, you should adjust your resume to the position to highlight the accomplishments that resonate with the specific position you are pursuing. Never lie on your CV but feel free to highlight different achievements and skills for different applications.

Knowing Your Value

Prior to embarking on your new job search, you should first figure out what you are worth. If you and a prospective employer can not reach in an agreement over your remuneration, you should carry on searching. Remember that even in an ailing economic landscape, your ability to solve problems should be valued and remunerated accordingly.

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