The proliferation of technology and social media has utterly reinvented the role of Human Resources globally. After talking with over 60 international HR experts, we conclude that 2016 is expected to be one of the most multifaceted and challenging years in the HR environment worldwide. Here, we give you the most prominent HR trends:

1. Data driven recruiting

Data-driven recruiting is expected to be a pattern that will become more widespread in 2016. Access to information is becoming less challenging and less expensive with innovations in technology and professional network platforms. Talent procurement executives can make the most of these data allowing them to make intelligent strategic decisions. At WorkForce, we purchase many databases that give us access to candidates searching for work on a global scale. This allows us to effectively search, network and find the right people for our clients.

2. Relationships not programs

HR is essentially more about a profound insight into the business and relationships than it is about programs. The primary skill set for prospective HR representatives will be the way in which they successfully recognize and cope with the effect of mergers, demergers and globalization.

3. Keeping the skills of your workforce up to date

Maintaining your workforce and keeping their skills up to date in a rapidly evolving world will be more imperative than in any other time in recent history. Numerous organizations resort to external training firms yet it is important to harness the existing skill sets and experience within your organization in order to benefit the rest of the workforce.

4. Focus on wellbeing and resilience

As Europe turns out to be significantly more unpredictable and unstable, as far as financial indexes are concerned, the weight on people turns out to be notably more increased. Wellbeing and adaptability is still the focus.  For us, this implies physical, emotional, mental and focused wellbeing.

5. Developing the human side of the business

Most companies with the capacity to flourish in today's vibrant business environment are fraught with their inability to engage individuals or harness their maximum capacity. Organizations need to urge their teams to cultivate mentalities which opt for relationships, discussion and experimentation. Curiosity is also paramount; especially when it comes to being geared towards new ways of determining more effective solutions. 

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