It’s been said that Facebook is like a college party, Twitter is like an office party and LinkedIn is like a professional networking event. If you are a professional who seeks the perfect career opportunity, do we really have to ask which social media profile you have to improve?

LinkedIn aka The New CV

Many companies nowadays simply ask for a link to your LinkedIn profile instead of your resume. This is not a temporary trend.  It is a practice, set to continue. Even if you do apply with your resume, employers are extremely likely to look you up on LinkedIn to see how well-recommended and connected you are. 

This is a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect LinkedIn profile: 

Step #1:Your Name

Remember to make sure you own your name on LinkedIn. This means having your profile URL listed as This will make sure that people who search for you by name find you quicker and will also help you promote your LinkedIn profile in your email signature, resume, business card, blog, etc. in an easy-to-read format.

Step #2: Your Picture

Please don’t use a photo of your last summer’s vacation or a selfie before going out just because your make up was smoking hot! Get a professional photo, smile just a little bit and remind your potential employers that you are professional with a very pleasant personality. A person that somebody would love to work with. 

Step #3: Your Professional “Headline”

It’s a snapshot of who you are, what motivates you and what you’re looking for. Use the “|” symbol on your keyboard to separate different parts of your headline. I.e.: Digital Marketing Expert | Social Media Evangelist 

It’s always a good idea to change your headline every few weeks to keep it fresh.

Step #4: Your Summary

A LinkedIn summary is not the same as a resume summary. The summary should encapsulate the following:

*Who you really are.*Your passions.*Your top career achievements.*Goals you would like to achieve.*A reiteration of what you’re currently looking for in your career.*What you could add to a prospective company.*How and why people should engage with you.

Step #5: Experience

Upload your resume with the option on the right of the screen. Be sure to make it readable by putting it in bullet points. 

Step #6: Link to Your Website or Blog

A quick tip is to go into the options on links, select “other,” and you’ll then be able to manually type the name of the website you want to link to. Adding your blog  is always a plus since it will add more personality to your profile and will drive traffic to your blog.

Step #7: Get Recommended

Give, and you will receive. Send out at least one LinkedIn recommendation a week. Friends, colleagues, ex-colleagues, whomever you know. Sing their praises; find the good in everyone. Don’t presume or ask to get a recommendation back; you’ll start getting them once you start sending them.

Step #8: Master Connecting with Others

If you add just the people you know already on LinkedIn, chances are you won’t get much beyond 100 connections. You have to be careful about adding the right people, though, because if too many people press “I don’t know this person,” LinkedIn will delete your profile with no warning. You’ll then have to start all over again. The best way to do so is to import your current connections from your email contacts via “Add Connections.” When you will add a new contact you’ve never met in person, personalize your message to request to add them.

Step #9: Get Actively Involved in Groups

Join relevant groups and discussions to connect with major players in your industry. Join groups, post relevant articles and participate in discussions. By asking and answering questions, you’ll be able to add more people to your network. Feel free to join our group – WorkForce Cyprus for the latest updates on HR Trends and International jobs. 

Step #10: Do Your Keyword Research

If you want senior recruiters to find you on LinkedIn (or Google, for that matter), you need to figure out the keywords they’ll be using to search for you. Moreover, everything in your headline and your summary needs to be full of those keywords recruiters will be looking for.

Step #11: Make Sure Your Profile Is 100% Complete

Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. 

What makes your profile complete?

*Your current position.*Two past positions.

*Your education.

*Your profile summary.

*A profile photo.

*At least three recommendations.

Remember that you need to work on your profile constantly.  Updating it with content will help people find you easier. Keep it simple and keep it real.  Happy socializing!