Just read this on the BBC. 


The article raises some interesting perceptions on HR from a company perspective. HR is often viewed as having an image problem. Internally, HR is often viewed as hindering company growth because of a bureaucratic approach and needless corporate policies. Some companies are even going so far as to change the name of HR so that negative connotations do not apply. The article concludes that by including HR in decision making and giving it a makeover, it can ultimately become a strong asset to the company and not the hindrance that it is currently seen as.

At WorkForce, we work with top decision makers with CEO, MD and HR Director titles. These decision makers seek to recruit staff and once they approach us, we often work directly with them. From defining the job description, shortlisting candidates, arranging interviews and finally selection, our experience varies but generally, when we do work directly with the HR Directors, the process runs smoothly. This is because HR departments understand the recruitment and selection process, this is partly due to their skill set. CEO's and MD's have other core functions to concentrate on, wheras recruitment and selection are primariy viewed as HR functions.

Within organisations, HR can play a key role in growth and influence corporate policy but before we start changing titles, HR has to be given the chance to be proactive and able to incorporate ideas.