Job loss as the phrase suggests, is a loss. Often a loss of identity, productivity, routine, financial and can affect self-esteem and even physical health.

At WorkForce as part of our service, as part of our background in Occupational Psychology we aim to equip and support our candidates not only in preparation for the interview process but also to assist those unemployed as they manoeuver their way through this struggling but ever competitive economy.

Our Top 5 tips for those unemployed:

1.Schedule and compartmentalize your Day – Set an alarm, it is important to stay in that ‘work routine’ able to wake up at a good hour and be productive. When your body is out of routine it is harder for your mind to function and work efficiently.

2.Set achievable daily Targets – aim to send 3-5 CVs a day. 

3.Be organized – Bookmark key job searching sites and companies to apply to or to watch for vacancies. Tweak your CV for different job roles, have them handy and saved.

4.Volunteer – unemployment can be an excellent opportunity to flex your skills, to broaden horizons. Your CV as well as your intellect will need nourishment, volunteering will keep you busy, feeling useful and give you things to talk about in interview.

5.Watch your diet, sleep and food patterns. When any of these aspects are neglected or our rhythms slip our motivation and productivity levels stagnate and we begin to see signs of apathy and stress. None of which is conducive to acing that interview.

This brief guide and tip list is a basic step to keeping on top of your game while waiting for that next job. For employers we also urge you to bear this guide in mind as they are worth keeping in mind when you are interviewing. Since many candidates these days are unemployed it is worth keeping up to date with issues they face, the more in touch you are with the labor force the better your interviewing technique will be and the more sensitivity you will be able to conduct yourself with. In the same way we expect candidates to be prepared and researched, so too should we be as forward thinking managers and professionals. Who knows we too could be unemployed?