Unemployment – Something we all want to avoid, yet it will be the reality for most of us at one point or another during the course of our career. 

Though no one can deny the difficulties associated with being jobless, it is important to remember that it is temporary and in a way, it can be a much-needed break for you to take a step back to analyse your life and consider various options. It all depends on how you manage this down-time. 

Here are five things you can do;

  • Build your network – Don’t be shy to connect with new people on LinkedIn or by attending various seminars and conferences. Once day you may be mutually useful to each other. 

  • Volunteer – It will help reduce the unemployment gap with something of value, plus it will keep you humble and busy. 

  • Learn new skills – Use this free time to stay relevant in your field by either brushing up on existing skills or by learning new ones. You should always keep learning and growing. 

  • Upgrade your CV – thoroughly review it and make necessary changes. Perhaps opt for a more clean-cut layout. Check the current trends and apply accordingly. 

  • Consult – If your particular field allows it (such as finance, HR, or legal), you can consider some consulting work. This may not only pay the bills for a short while but can also turn into a full-time position should you land yourself a good client. 

Though it may be emotionally tiring, you should keep going, and take comfort in knowing that your time will come.