In an increasingly saturated job market, landing a job interview at a coveted company is an accomplishment on its own, however, acing that said interview is a whole other matter.

Depending on company and role, verbal interviews can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Although it’s of paramount importance to be in tip top shape throughout the entire process, it’s primarily the first 60 seconds that set the scene. Be it right or wrong, you will be judged from the very first moment, before you have even sat down to answer a competency based question.

Here are six quick key points to keep in mind, to ensure that you always have your right foot forward when being interviewed.

  • Arrive on time – And by on time, I mean be ready in the waiting lounge 10-15 minutes prior to scheduled time.
  • Grooming – Make sure your hair is neatly trimmed and brushed away from your face, your clothes are pressed, and if you will wear makeup that you opt for a more natural look.
  • Attire – Ensure that you wear industry appropriate clothing. This will illustrate to a potential employer that you understand and can adhere to their company culture.
  • Smile and maintain a pleasant demeanour – Go in with a positive attitude.
  • Small talk – Build rapport with your interviewer by making small talk (about the weather, traffic, etc.) even in the short time that it takes to walk from the waiting lounge to the conference room.
  • Physical nuances – A sturdy handshake and an upright sitting position with pulled back shoulders subconsciously illustrate confidence and an openness