It’s nearly Christmas time, but instead of imagining casual things like all the presents you will give and receive, you are thinking about work. In fact, you may be having thoughts of changing job and taking the next step in your career. No need to feel weird about it, there are many people thinking exactly the same thing as you.

A new year often leaves people feeling they could, or should be achieving more. That’s not a sign of weakness or regression. You are just realizing your potentials and setting new goals. If you are quite eager about it, go ahead and follow your dream. Besides, if you sense an opportunity, seize it.

However, you should be careful in case what you are feeling and/or thinking is just an impulse of the moment. Sometimes when we experience a difficult period at work, we tend to get frustrated and resort to the idea of quitting. The same applies when we start working longer hours in order to make tight deadlines, especially around the Holidays. This might not be the appropriate reason for quitting your job. Keep in mind that in every business and organization, at the end of the year, the work schedule becomes hectic. People have to work more, in order to comfortably close up shop and go on holidays.

Nevertheless, if you decide to move onto greener pastures, this may be a good time. As many people are actively looking for new roles, it prompts employers into recruitment action. The good news is that in anticipation of new hires, companies tend to incorporate this into their new year budget, making the entire process and the prospect of clarity, that much more concrete.

Draw up a list of companies and organizations you would like to work for and list the positions you feel best suit you. Feel confident and act like it. Instead of wondering how you could manage to get a job there, persuade yourself that you are going to get the job!

Good luck & Happy New Year!