Welcome to the new on-line face of WorkForce, we are excited to launch our new site and present our ideas and vision. As the latest addition to the team I am happy to be able to report that it’s been an interesting ‘induction period’ as the newby, full of laughs, giggles and camaraderie. The essence of WorkForce is their creative drive to find solutions and service clients and candidates with a flair and personalized touch that keeps them a forerunner in the market and lends itself to long-term relationships. An energetic, positive approach to work means my day is characterized by lively debate and the bouncing back and forth of ideas with my colleagues but also a sincere work friendship that means office politics do not surface. Fading rapidly are my memories in previous jobs of the scowls and glares in the office kitchen, of nameless and faceless corporate colleagues motivated to come to work purely to antagonize each other. At WorkForce I am lucky enough to enjoy the warmth of being in a work environment that is customer-driven but also challenging not to mention the abundance of biscuits and other baked goods that keeps all sugar crashes at bay and where on my 1st day of work I was presented with an office ‘selfie’ courtesy of my new bosses as my 1st screensaver – where else can you get that on your 1st day on the job? No dreary manual, health and safety tour of the building or yet another diatribe to be listened to from a suit about HR processes and protocols, give me a selfie any day!