In the spirit of the launch of our new website we created an anonymous survey for our clients to complete in an effort to assess how we are doing.

The high response was not only encouraging but very fruitful in terms of letting us know how our clients feel about the services they have received from us. We found out that the most important factors in your decision to choose us as a recruitment company were:  quality of service, past experience with the agency and consultant expertise.

We were also proud and happy to find out that we were rated highest on the following characteristics: responsiveness, follow up with clients and consistency of service. This was especially gratifying given these are the corner stones of our work ethic and customer service mission. Good to know we are on track! Overall satisfaction of clients came out as ‘very good’ – ‘excellent’.

What clients want more of was of course candidates and CVs. In terms of constructive feedback we found this indicative of how we choose and prefer to work. We do not hard sell and we do not bombard clients with dozens of CVs. Instead we meticulously search and screen, short listing to the top of the list thereby sending busy decision makers the key candidates matching their vacancy and budget. Yet another advantage of our new website will be the increased efficiency of searching and storing candidate profiles which in turn guarantees clients’ access to that top tier of short listed candidates.

Finally and perhaps best of all was the final result, when comparing the quality of Workforce’s services to other recruitment companies our clients told us we are higher than other agencies and would definitely recommend us to other companies.