2015 means growth, excitement and new ventures for WorkForce as we proudly present our new website, our on-line access point and one-stop shop for clients and candidates alike. For the unemployed, the curious or restless job seekers in work or the frazzled employer in need of staff, our new stream-lined site complete with new account registration will provide a user-friendly portal to the WorkForce Team.

From an internal standpoint our new website comes complete with new database facilities ensuring a higher level of information storage for our candidate pool of CVs and contacts. It means we will be able to refine and co-ordinate our searches and data consolidation to guarantee our response rates to our clients. This will ensure that only the highest level of service will remain but at an even faster pace. Matching candidates and clients, often around the globe, for the optimum working relationship calls for us to remain at the top of our game which this website will help us to do.

Click away, take the tour and let us know your thoughts and experiences on our site. We value constructive feedback and always aim to do better.